2017/2018 Kindergarten Readiness

Armstrong & Bradfield

The below information is a quick summary of key Kindergarten Readiness meetings and events and what to expect in your first couple weeks in school. 

Please visit www.hpisd.org/Parents/EnrollingANewStudent.aspx for more detailed information on how to enroll your student.  



(FYI  - This chart is best viewed on a laptop/desktop.)

ABPA Kindergarten Readiness Meeting & Kickoff (parents only)

Wed., Jan 11th at 9:15am
Bradfield Auditorium

Wed., Jan 11th at 9:15am
Bradfield Auditorium

Round-Up (Round-up is for all new students/families to the school. Existing families (with older siblings) register the ~week before round-up.)

Tues. Feb. 28th at 9 am
Armstrong Auditorium
Tues., Feb. 28th at 9 am
Bradfield Auditorium

Student Assessment

August 15-16
April 21, April 24 and May 5

ABPA Popsicle Parties

Sat., June 10 at 10am
Sat., August 26 at 10am

Armstrong Playground

Sat., June 10 at 10am
Thur, August 24 5:30pm

Bradfield Kindergarten Playground

Back to School Sign Up (pay for supplies, cafeteria, etc.) + Proof of Residency

August 10-18

August 10-18

Newcomers' Orientation (parents only)

August 22 at 8:30am
Location TBD

Kinder Parent Coffee

August 22 at 6:00pm
Bradfield Auditorium

Newcomers' Orientation

September 7 Parent Coffee at 8:30am

Class List & Meet the Teacher

August 24

View Class List at 3pm on Skyward
Meet the Teacher 5-6pm

August 24

View Class List at 3pm on Skyward
Meet the Teacher 5-6pm

First Day of School

August 28

August 28

Kinder Moms & Mimosas
Royal Blue 7:45-9am

ABPA Kindergarten Parents Happy Hours (parents only)

Thur, August 31at 5:30pm

Thur, August 31 at 5:30pm

On-boarding (parents only)

Curriculum Night

Volunteer Training
(Cafeteria, Library, Supply Room, Room Mom/Dad, Art Display, VSP software)

Cub/Girl Scout Round-ups

Kindergarten Class Party

Curriculum Night

Volunteer Training
(Cafeteria, Library, Supply Room, Room Mom/Dad, Art Display, VSP software)

Cub/Girl Scout Round-ups

Kindergarten Class Party

Age Requirements

Kindergarten - 5 years of age on or before September 1

1st Grade - 6 years of age on or before September 1

How To Enroll Your Child

  • Go to www.hpisd.org
  • Click on Parents
  • Click on Enrolling A New Student and input data requested
  • At completion, click Submit and print the following pages:
    • New Student Enrollment Checklist
    • Request for Records Form (you will not need this for Kindergarten Students)
    • Home Language Survey
  • Attend Round-Up
  • Complete Proof of Residency
  • Complete the Back To School Sign Up Online

School Tour

Parents can schedule school tours on an ad hoc basis. Call the front office to set up an appointment. 

What is Round-Up?

  • To introduce your child to his or her new school.  4th graders and PTA volunteers will be on-hand to show your child around their school and to help them start to feel at home. Please arrive no earlier than 8:45 am. You will need to check in at the front office. 
  • To equip you with important information regarding your school, introduce you to names and faces of people who will serve you. 
  • To enroll your child. Be sure you have completed online enrollment through the HPISD website at www.hpisd.org (steps noted above) and bring 2 photocopies of each of the following required documentation (2 sets can help streamline roundup): 
    • Certified copy of student's birth certificate (bring 1-2 photocopies to streamline roundup)
    • Student's Social Security card
    • Current Immunization records
    • Proof of residency: Copy of contract, lease, deed on residency (warranty deed or deed of trust)
    • Current utility bill (water or electric only)
    • If applicable, entire copy of custody restrictions or parenting plan

What is the Student Assessment?

Student Assessment is an opportunity for your student to meet some of the kindergarten teachers before school starts so that the school can determine how to best place children in classrooms. This helps the school maximize the learning opportunity of each classroom, and it also helps new students become better acquainted with the school.  The assessment is 10-15 minutes. It's a very simple, quick introduction - you do NOT need to prep or stress about it.


What is the Back to School Sign Up (BSSU)?

Back to School Sign Up is an annual process for all HPISD families that takes place before the beginning of the school year. Back to School Sign Up allows parents a convenient one-stop shop to provide important information to HPISD, its PTAs and other support organizations. Parents are also able to purchase school supplies, spirit wear,  library gift books, directory, yearbooks, PTA membership, Dads Club and more. As a result, parents do not have to sort through piles of paperwork and write multiple checks at the start of every school year. 

To log in, use your Skyward user name and password. 

Have questions? Click here for FAQs

What is the annual Proof of Residency? 

Each family must complete the Proof of Residency every summer prior to the beginning of school. If the residency paperwork is complete and current from the enrollment process (deed or updated lease in addition to a driver’s license at the same address), then you will only be required to submit a new water or electric bill for the address where you reside. If the residency documents on file are incomplete or do not match the submitted utility bill, you will be required to provide new residency documents that match. Requirements and submission procedures will be available on the District’s website during the summer. 


Students are tardy after 8am. After 10am, students counted absent. Students are required to be in attendance at least 90% of the school year (MAX of 18 absences). These days can go quickly when there are illnesses during the year, a trip, family emergencies, etc. Please keep this in mind when planning activities where students will not be in school. 

Class Size 

Class size varies based on enrollment. Maximum is 22-24 kindergarten students per teacher (state waiver required for anything over 22). 

Armstrong has 4 kindergarten classes...  4 teachers and 1 teacher's aide. 

Bradfield has 5 kindergarten classes...  5 teachers and 1 teacher's aide. 


  • Tennis shoes are necessary on P.E. days. Children attend P.E. 4 days a week. 
  • Medium sized backpack, big enough to hold a standard size folder. 
  • Label all backpacks and lunchboxes on the outside. Luggage tags are a great way to do this.  Be sure to include your child's first and last name. 
  • For Kindergartners, send an extra pair of clothes for their lockers in case they get dirty and need to be changed. 
  • Spirit Days: Wear your school gear (t-shirts, cheerleading outfits, bows,  etc.... anything school related). 
Armstrong: Every Friday
Bradfield: Every Wednesday

Note: Spirit wear ordered during back to school sign-up will be available in October. You can purchase additional spirit wear at Orientation, Meet the Teacher or Curriculum Night.

  • Dress Up Days: The school and kindergarten will have dress up days throughout the year. 
Armstrong: Kindergarten will dress up for Halloween (costume parade). The school will also have dress up days during "Red Ribbon Week" where the kids wear fun socks, a certain color, etc. 
Bradfield: Kindergarten has many dress up days including colors, characters and themes. The school will also have dress up days such as international dot day (teaching kids to "make their mark"), patriotic attire, favorite teams/colleges and "Red Ribbon Week".  The below is an example from 2017/18 Bradfield ("all school" days are noted, everything else is specific to Kindergarten):
    • KINDER Colors:  Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple (previous years have also included Brown, Black, White, Pink and Gray)
    • KINDER Themes: Silly Socks, Halloween (costume parade), Fairy Tale (November) and Texas Day (Spring)
    • ALL SCHOOL: College, Red/White/Blue, Dots
    • ALL SCHOOL Red Ribbon Week: Red/White/Blue, Favorite Team Jersey/T-shirt, School Spirit Wear, Camo, Neon/Bright Colors
    Sample Schedule:
      • Week 1: Fri 9/1 Favorite College (all school)
      • Week 2: Fri 9/8 Red
      • Week 3: Mon 9/11 Red/White/Blue (all school), Thur 9/14 Yellow, Fri 9/15 Dots (all school)
      • Week 4: Thur 9/21 Green
      • Week 5: Thur 9/28 Silly Socks, Fri 9/29 Blue
      • Week 6: Thur 10/5 Orange
      • Week 7: Purple
      • Week 8: 
      • Week 9: "Red Ribbon Week" (all school) Mon 10/23 Red/White/Blue, Tue 10/24, Fav Team, Wed 10/25 Spirit Wear, Thur 10/26 Camo, Fri 10/27 Neon/Bright 
      • Week 10: Tue 10/31 Halloween Costume
      • Week 11: Fri 11/10 Fairy Tale Character

    School Day - Arrival/Departure

    School begins: 7:50am. Tardy bell rings at 8am. 

    Early Dismissal: 1:00pm

    Full Day Dismissal: 3:15pm

    Kindergarten meets 5 days a week.  Students can arrive as early as 7:30am. After-school care/programming is available from 3:00 to 6:00pm daily for additional charge. 

    Kindergartners must be picked up at the end of the school day by a parent or caregiver.

    Pets are not allowed on campus during drop-off or pick-up.  


    Armstrong families will receive 2 cardboard signs per child at Meet the Teacher, additional tags are available for free at the front office.

    Click HERE for Armstrong carpool queue lane and map.  

    Bradfield families will receive one carpool tag at Meet the Teacher. Additional tags can be purchased through the front office for $5. If you are going to join a carpool that includes multiple kids, you need to submit a form through the front office. 

    Click HERE for Bradfield carpool drop-off/pick-up diagram.  


    Most Kindergartners at Bradfield share a locker. Kindergartners are not allowed to decorate their lockers, older students are allowed.

    Armstrong students have their own lockers. 


    Kindergartners have the option of purchasing a hot or cold lunch from the cafeteria or can bring their own lunch. 

    To view the lunch menu, view the Nutrislice website or download the app,  iOS or Googleplay

    To add cash to your account, follow the instructions below:

    • Log in to Skyward Family Access (through a computer, not the mobile app), click "Food Service" and then click "Make A Payment." You will be sent to eFunds For Schools, where you can log in with your Skyward user name and password (use lowercase characters only.)
    • Add money to your child's account through eFunds For Schools. The average daily lunch price is between $4-$6. 
    • Each time you deposit money, a transaction fee will be assessed. If you pay with a direct deposit from your bank, the total fee will be $1. A slide fee scale will be used for credit card payements in $5 increments for every $150 spent. 
    • You can receive alerts when your child's lunch account balance is running low. Manage the alerts through your E-Funds for Schools account, located under the "Low Meal Balance Notification" tab. 
    • Click here for a step-by-step payment tutorial


    Armstrong: Child may bring a peanut/tree nut free snack and a water bottle for daily snack. Items will stay in backpack until snack time.

    Bradfield: Snacks are provided to the students by parents. Parents will sign up to bring 10 days of snacks for the entire class through VSP. 

    Extended Day

    The Extended School Day (ESD) program is designed to provide an informal, enjoyable school experience for families needing supervised care in a group setting for their children after normal school hours. ESD is available for students in kindergarten through fourth grade at HPISD elementary schools, and fifth through eighth grade at MIS/HPMS. 

    The program operates on regular school days from school dismissal until 6 p.m., and is staffed by HPISD employees. Nutritious snacks are served daily, and homework time and indoor and outdoor play are provided. 

    Registration for the 2017-18 school year will be available from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. beginning Wednesday, Aug. 9, at the Academy for Lifelong Learning office in the HPISD Administration Annex, 6915 Westchester.  Students should be registered by Friday, Aug. 18, to begin attending ESD the first week of school. Students registering after Friday, Aug. 18 will be able to begin ESD September 1, 2017.  

    The registration fee is $150, and monthly tuition is $325. For more information, please call the Academy for Lifelong Learning at 214-780-3380. 

    Field Trips & Special Events

    Kindergartners will get to participate in field trips and special events. The below is an example from 2017/18 Bradfield. 

    • Adventure Dash Run 
    • Fire Station Field Trip 
    • Halloween Parade (dress in costume)
    • Family Picnics
    • Carnival
    • Fairy Tale Day (dress in character)
    • Great Friends Day
    • Polar Express Day
    • Class Holiday Party
    • 100th Day of School
    • Valentine's Day Party
    • President's Day Parade
    • Texas Day (dress in Texas attire)
    • Butterfly Garden
    • Book Publishing Party

    Email Newsletters

    Be sure to subscribe for email communications during Back to School Sign Up or through your Skyward account. 

    The school will send weekly communications about school activities (usually sent on Sunday night plus a few extra ad hoc emails here and there). Teachers will also send a weekly bulletin to parents about what your child is learning in their class, and Room Moms/Dads will also email parents about upcoming events.  

    Incoming families will be added to the list around the 2nd week of school. 

    Friday Folders

    Folders are sent home weekly. The folder includes a behavior report for your child (which requires a parent signature),  and additional handouts to keep you informed about what your child is learning in class that week (or next) and other important information. 

    HPISD App  

    Download the "Highland Park ISD" app in iOS or GooglePlay or  search for “Highland Park ISD” 

    You can access:

    • The latest news and announcements from the district
    • A staff directory that includes phone numbers and email addresses, including the option to “favorite” staff members for quick access
    • An activities calendar, which includes the option to sort events by campus
    • A YouTube section, which features videos produced by HPISD
    • Skyward access - view your child's grades, assignments, class schedules and lunch account balances

    Remind App

    For Bradfield familes, download the REMIND app to stay in touch with Principal Dumar. Text "@bradfieldp" to 81010. It will prompt you to download the app.... iOS and GooglePlay.  

    To join the Bradfield Kindergarten 2017/18 group,  click "Join a class" and enter "bradkinder". 
    • If you have not downloaded the app yet, from your mobile device go to rmd.at/bradkinder and follow the instructions to sign up. 
    • If you don't have a smartphone, you can get text notifications. Text "@bradkinder" to 81010. If you're having trouble with 81010, try texting "@bradkinder" to 972.505.3079.

    Directory App

    Armstrong and Bradfield both utilize the Directory Spot app for directory listings, just like the ABPA does. Once downloaded, additional school lists will be added to your account without you needing to download again. Click HERE for directions on how to download. 

    Yearbook App

    Bradfield utilizes the Balfour ImageShare app as a way to submit images from your class throughout the year. This ensure that every student is well represented in the Bradfield yearbook.  

    Download on iOS or GooglePlay
    • From Welcome page, click "Create Account"
      • Enter first name, last name, email
      • Enter Bradfield's Project Number - 821120
      • Check "Accept Terms and Conditions"
      • Click "Next"
    • Enter Confirmation Code sent to you via email 
    • Create your own username and password
    • Click " Take me to Image Share"
    • There is no need to enter an upload code, just proceed to Save
    • To upload images, click "Choose from Gallery"
    • Select photo to upload
      • If possible, provide the names of the students in the photo. If larger group shots, please identify the teacher and/or grade level. 
      • Please briefly describe the Bradfield event or activity

    Social Media for HPISD, Armstrong and Bradfield 





    Volunteer Opportunities

    Times are specific to 2017/18 Bradfield kindergarten as examples. 

    • Cafeteria: Monthly commitment (ex: every 3rd Wed), 10:45am til around 1pm. Serving Line & Cashier. VSP sign-up.
    Click here to view the Cash Register Training Video 
    • Supply Room: Monthly commitment (ex: every 3rd Wed), 7:30 to 8:05am. Sales person. VSP sign-up.
    • Library: Monthly commitment (ex: every 3rd Wed). Assistant. VSP sign-up.
    • Room Mom: Two per class. Request interest via a form to the Room Mom Coordinator for consideration.   
      1. Point of Contact for the class and parents.
      2. Classroom assistance. 
      3. Field trip assistance. 
      4. Organize parent parties and assist the Class Party Coordinator.
      5. Host a parent coffee at your home or the cafeteria.
      6. Ensure additional class volunteers are signed up. Fill in, if not. 
      7. Financial responsibility for class parties or will come from the teacher funds.   
    • Room Dad: 1 per class. Communication Liaison.  Request interest to the Dads Club. 
    • Classroom Specific: Ad hoc. VSP sign-up.
      1. Snacks (2 volunteers per month - bring 10 days of snacks for class)
      2. Mystery Reader (1 volunteer each Friday 8:10-8:30am) 
      3. Class parties (usually a 2 hour commitment)
      4. Teacher Helper (by the month - teacher will let you know when they need help.Bring lunch to teacher once per month)
      5. Supply Helper (1 volunteer a month, bring special or extra supplies as requested by teacher)
      6. Computer Lab Helper (1 volunteer per week - assist lab teacher and students)
      7. Cafeteria Helper (5 volunteers per class per month - helps all kindergartners at lunch on designated day, 11-11:45am)
      8. Friday Folders & Art Display (1 volunteer a month, every Friday. Stop by anytime between 11:30-1pm, only takes ~15-20 min) 
      9. Afternoon Carpool (2 volunteers, 3:05-3:30pm) 
    • Special Events/Field Trips: Ad hoc. VSP sign-up.
      1. Field Trips (8 volunteers per class to chaperone. Volunteers follow the bus and help during the field trip.)
        • Zoo Field Trip
        • Fire Station Field Trip
        • Butterfly Garden
        • Polar Express
      2. Fairy Tale Day (6 volunteers per class on the day, 8:00-11am)
      3. Holiday Party (7 volunteers per class on the day, 9:15-10:15am. Sign up to bring cups, snacks, drinks, etc.)
      4. 100th Day (6 volunteers per class on the day, 8:00-11am)
      5. Valentines Party (8 volunteers per class on the day, 9:15-10:15am. Sign up to bring cups, snacks, drinks, etc.)
      6. Flag Day March
      7. Halloween Costume Parade
      8. Book Publishing Party 
      9. Adventure Dash (2 volunteers to help on the day)
      10. Carnival (2 volunteers to help on the day, 3-6pm)
    Bradfield suggests each Kindergarten family sign up for the following:
    • 1x Friday Folders
    • 1x Snacks
    • 4x Afternoon Carpool Helper
    • 1x Teacher or Supply Helper
    • 1x Parent Reader
    • 1x Event Helper (Fairy Tale Day, Holiday Party, 100th Day, Valentine's Party)
    • 1x Field Trip Chaperone
    • 1x Kindergarten Cafeteria Helper 
    • 1 Monthly shift in either the Cafeteria, Supply Room or Library

    Visitors MUST provide a government issued photo ID and obtain a visitor's badge. 

    Volunteers are REQUIRED to complete a background check, sign in with the office and wear the badge while on campus. Background checks can be submitted thru the Back to School Sign Up or through the front office. Annual volunteer badges will be available for those who have completed the background check. 

    Both schools use the Volunteer Scheduler Pro ("VSP") to coordinate volunteer activities. 

    This software lets you...
    • Sign up online for a variety of volunteer positions
    • Easily view your entire volunteer schedule
    • Download your volunteer schedule into your personal calendar (iCal, Google or Outlook)
    • Generate automated email and/or text reminders for your shifts
    • Easily request a sub or trade a shift online

    New Families can sign up after July 1st. 

    • Go to the VSP page for your school
    Bradfield VSP
    Armstrong VSP
    • Click "Sign Up Now"
    • Complete your Profile/General Information
    • Select the volunteer jobs and shifts you want to work*
    • Click "Submit" 
    • A username/password will be automatically assigned to you once your enrollment has processed. Once processed, you can click "Forgot your username or password?" link and VSP will email your username and allow you to reset your password. 
    • Once, you have set up the account and have been processed, download the app... iOS or GooglePlay
    *NOTE: All shifts for Cafeteria, Library and Supply Shop are recurring. They take place on the same day each month of the school year (ie, 1st Monday). When selecting a shift, you only need to choose the shift in one month on the calendar. VSP will process your request and schedule all of your recurring shifts for you. Your selected shifts WILL NOT automatically appear as recurring until your request has been processed. You will receive an email confirmation when your requests are processed. 

    Sample Weekly Schedule - Armstrong Kindergarten

    Times and order vary by classroom.

    Sample Weekly Schedule - Bradfield Kindergarten

    Times and order vary by classroom.

    • 7:50 Arrival/Morning Work
    • 8:10 Announcements
    • 8:25 Phonics/Word Work
    • 8:45 Writer's Workshop
    • 9:45 Readers Workshop
    • 10:45 Recess
    • 11:00 Handwriting
    • 11:10 Lunch
    • 11:40 Handwriting
    • 11:50 Specials (30 min + 30 min)
      1. Day x: Spanish + P.E.
      2. Day x: Music + P.E. 
      3. Day x: P.E. + Music
      4. Day x: P.E. + Spanish
      5. Day x: Art
    • 12:50 Math Workshop
    • 2:20 Recess
    • 2:35 Science/Social Studies
    • 3:15 Dismissal

    Computer Lab, Library, Science Lab, an additional Spanish class and Reading Buddies are also included in the weekly schedule. 

    • Day x: 12:50-1:20 Library 
    • Day x: 10-10:30 Computer Lab 
    • Day x: 2-2:30 Science Lab
    • Day x: 9:30-10 Spanish
    • Day x: Library checkout
    • Day x: 1:30-2 Reading Buddies

    Kindergarten High Frequency Words ("Snap Words") 

    Kindergarten students will focus on learning high frequency words throughout the year, see attached list.

    These lists include the most common English words. Many of them cannot be sounded out and must be learned as sight words. Learning them in isolation does not make a fluent reader; however, it can help boost a child's confidence. Those who are able to read and write these words have a good base for beginning reading and writing.  

    Only lists 1-3 need to be mastered in order to advance to first grade. 


    HPISD Curriculum can be found HERE

    Teacher/Parent Guide For The Kindergarten Report Card   (Guide to look at expectations over the year... 1st nine wks vs 4th nine wks)

    Sample Kindergarten Report Card   (Focus areas and expectations from sample report card noted below for ease of review)

    Writing & Reading

    • Click HERE and HERE to see HPISD kindergarten ELA curriculum. 
    • Students and parents are asked to read for 20 minutes, review letters and snap words daily.  
    • Letter of the Week: Focus on one letter each week. 
      • Letters: nN, aA, dD, sS, mM, iI, tT, cC, oO, fF, rR, pP, lL, uU, kK, gG, bB, vV, eE, hH, wW, xX, qQ, jJ, yY, zZ
      • Digraphs: ck, sh, ch, th, ph, wh, kn, wr
      • Long/Short Vowels: a, e, i, o, u
    • High Frequency Words: see above and attached list
            • Weeks 2-3: List 1
            • Weeks 4-5: List 2
            • Weeks 6-7: List 3
    • Library: students check out a book and return it weekly.
    • Home Readers: students bring home a reader each night and return them the next day. 
    • RAZ Kids
    • Star of the Week: Each week a student will present a montage about themselves and answer questions from the class.
    • Reading Buddies
    • Book Publishing

    • Click HERE and HERE to see HPISD kindergarten math curriculum
    • Units of Study
      • Number operations & quantitative reasoning
      • Patterns, relationships & algebraic thinking
      • Geometry & special reasoning
      • Measurement
      • Probability & statistics
      • Underlying processes & mathematical tools
    • Daily Math Concepts
      • During calendar time students explore various mathematical concepts daily. These concepts include patterning, graphing, even & odd numbers, more & less, greater than & less than, money, place value, tallying, seasons, days of the week, months of the year, ordinal numbers, counting by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's, counting backwards, number recognition and positional words.

    • Click HERE and HERE to see HPISD kindergarten science curriculum.
    • Experiments and wondering "why", "what if", and "let's find out" activities are an important part of the school day. Students will learn to classify, identify, observe, describe, record and predict. 
    • Units of Study
      • Life Science: examining leaves and trees, studying insects, growing seeds, studying the five senses and exploring habitats & organisms.
      • Earth Science: weather study, rocks, objects in the sky and ecology.
      • Physical Science: study of magnets, color & light and simple machines.
    • Students will bring home monthly "National Geographic Kids" magazines containing science related articles. 

    Social Studies
      • Click HERE and HERE to see HPISD kindergarten social studies curriculum.
      • The primary purpose is to help children develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an independent world. 
      • Units of Study
        • Knowing ourselves
        • Knowing our community
        • Knowing our celebrations
        • Knowing our country
        • Knowing our state

      Art & Music
      • Click HERE, HERE and HERE to see HPISD kindergarten art and music curriculum.
      • In Art, students rely on their perceptions of the environment, developed through increasing visual awareness and sensitivity to surroundings, memory, imagination, and life experiences, as a source for creative artworks. They express their thoughts and ideas creatively, while challenging their imagination, fostering reflective thinking and developing disciplined effort and problem-solving skills.
      • In Music, students develop their intellect and refine their emotions, understanding the cultural and creative nature of musical artistry and making connections among music, the other arts, technology and other aspects of social life. 
      • Units of Study:
        • Perception
        • Creative Expressions/Performance
        • Historical/Cultural Heritage
        • Response/Evaluation

      • Click HERE and HERE to see HPISD kindergarten Spanish curriculum. 
      • Units of Study, click HERE
        • Unit 1: Let's Be Friends / Vamos a ser amigos
        • Unit 2: The Classroom / El salon de clase
        • Unit 3: Knowing Our Friends / Sentimientos y gustos
        • Unit 4: My Family and I / Mi familia y yo
        • Unit 5: My School / Mi cuerpo
        • Unit 6: Weather & Seasons / El tiempo y las estaciones
        • Unit 7: The Animals / Los animales
        • Unit 8: Our Celebrations / Las celebraciones
      • Vocabulary List
      • Culture Map
      • Cultural Topics
      • Grammar Map

      Physical Education & Health
      • Click HERE and HERE to see HPISD kindergarten P.E. and health curriculum. 
      • In P.E., students learn basic body control while moving in a variety of settings. Students become aware of strength, endurance and flexibility in different parts of their bodies and begin to learn ways to increase health-related fitness.
      • In Health, students are taught basic factors that contribute to health literacy. They learn about their bodies and the behaviors necessary to protect them and keep them healthy, and they also learn how to seek help from parents or other trusted adults. 

      Technology Applications
      • Click HERE to see HPISD kindergarten thru 2nd grade technology application curriculum. 
      • Units of Study
        • Technology Operations & Concepts (logins, computer hardware basics, navigation, basic functions, keyboard) 
        • Digital Citizenship (digital classroom rules, internet/computer basics, safety, copyright, citations)
        • Creativity & Innovation
        • Communication & Collaboration
        • Research & Information Fluency
        • Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving & Decision Making

      Is Your Child "Ready"?
      Readiness is variable, but the school recommends this definition for kindergarten readiness.

      A child who listens
      • to directions without interrupting.
      • to stories and poems for the five to ten minutes without restlessness.
      A child who hears
      • words that rhyme.
      • words that begin with the same sound or different sounds.
      A child who sees
      • likenesses and differences in pictures and designs.
      • letters and words that match.
      A child who understands
      • relationships inherent in such words as up and down, top and bottom, little and big.
      • the classifications of words that represent people, places and things.
      A child who speaks and can
      • stay on the topic in class discussions.
      • retell a story or poem in correct sequence.
      • tell a story or relate an experience of their own.
      A child who thinks and can
      • give the main idea of a story.
      • give unique ideas and important details.
      • give reasons for his opinions.
      A child who adjusts
      • to changes in routine and to new situations without becoming fearful.
      • to opposition or defeat without crying or sulking.
      • to the necessity of asking for help when needed.
      A child who plays
      • cooperatively with other children
      • and shares, takes turns, and assumes his/her share of group responsibility.
      • and can run, jump, skip, and bounce a ball with comparative dexterity.
      A child who works
      • without being easily distracted.
      • and follows directions.
      • and completes each task.
      • and takes pride in his/her work.

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